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About Us


People’s urban neighborhood rebuilding project for West Kochi.

Hapless thousands without even a strip of land or a roof over their head, those celebrating honeymoons, having kids and living as joint families in buildings which could any moment fall down. Tiny tots who shiver in fear whenever there is rain or breeze living in shacks akin to chicken coops in no more than a quarter cent of land. Aged granddads who live in shacks attached to sheds that shelter cows and goats. Wage-earners who were driven away from their work places, who watched in silent horror the shutting down of their sources of livelihood. Grief-stricken mothers who fail to find words to console their hungry children. Women who are forced to waste away their lives near public taps at the end of rotting pipes that traverse dirty drainage canals. Youngsters who had to drop out of schools due to financial constraints and those who are denied higher education who find it difficult to make their ends meet and end up with their heads down in front of the gates of the privileged few.

These are not fragments of imagination one finds in Arabian tales. Visit West Kochi with your kith and kin and the shocking scenes described above, the bloodcurdling reality of a community’s wretched existence can be seen with your own eyes.

Amity Charitable Trust does not intend to conduct an inquiry to find out who is responsible for the miserable state of affairs of West Kochi but those who continue to shut the doors of development on the face of West Kochi have to be exposed. Solidarity understands that strong agitations by the people for land, shelter, drinking water and infrastructure is a necessity. Preparing a community to change itself is our first step towards solving the problem.

People’s urban neighborhood rebuilding project for West Kochi envisaged by Amity Charitable Trust ┬áis an attempt to bring to notice of the authorities the neglect, backwardness and underdevelopment of West Kochi which comprises of Fort Kochi, Mattanchery, Kochangadi, and Palluruthy and to extend the hand of solace and relief to the unfortunate inhabitants of this land by the shores of Arabian sea and Vembanadu lake. We have named this project SUNRISE Kochi which is an abbreviation for Solidarity’s Urban Neighborhood Rebuilding Initiative for Social Empowerment, Kochi. This project calls on our conscience to give of our wealth and toil for those in West Kochi who lead such a wretched miserable life with bleak prospects. Amity Charitable Trust ┬áinvites you and your dear and near ones to know West Kochi and to be part of this initiative.